January 2022 Update

✨Hi, everyone! ✨

Luckily, this past month has been kinder to me, though it's still been tumultuous overall.  I've been able to get more done, but I've had to re-prioritize some of my tasks. This update may seem sparse, but that's mainly because there's not much to elaborate on (proofreading is a big task! But it's also too mundane to really write about, lol).  Current status stands at:

✍🏼 Writing

  • Logan's path - 6/6 chapters written and coded 
    • First chapter has been revised! (next is proofreading )
      • Added around 1,000-1,500 words overall
    • Additional editing in further chapters
  • Adrian's path - 6/6 chapters written and coded 
    • First chapter has been proofread!
  • Ezra's path - 4/6 chapters written and chapter five has a detailed outline
    • First chapter has been proofread!
  • Completed some general/light proofreading and revising overall.
  • Officially crossed the 150,000 word count line!
    • I'm thinking the entire game (base game + bonus stories) will be around 180,000, but we'll see.

🎨 Art

  • Created a general itch page banner and changed some of my logo text for readability
  • Finalized images for credit sequences
    • Sneak peek attached
    • In the final game, you'll get different credit sequences depending on if you get the neutral/bad/good endings for each route.
  • Drew some promotional images
  • Began CG work!!!!! :D
    • Sneak peek attached

💻  Coding 

  • Figured out the basics of a phone messaging system!!!! 
    • It's going to be a pain rewriting some of the phone/texting scenes to include this but . . . it's going to look so much better so I'm excited
  • Added more SFX 
  • Figured out the CG variance unlocking system for the Image Gallery  (somewhat)

🤔 Other

  • Hired a composer for an original theme
    • I came up with a melody and have been corresponding back and forth with a lovely composer! So excited to see how the song turns out for the game . . .
  • I'm continuing to update my social media (check out my Twitter for more quick updates)!
  • Began brainstorming a new trailer format!!!

Well, that just about covers it for January.  I've got some special news coming soon, so please be on the lookout on social media (and the next dev blog's post)!

❤️Thanks for reading! ❤️

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Great work! This update doesn't seem sparse at all :)


OMG!!! The way I ran to read this update after work 😂❤️ don't mind me, just cheering loudly from the sidelines