October 2022 Update

✨Hi, everyone! ✨

Ya'll. This is the LAST update before release. We made it. And guess what? The game is DONE!! Right now I'm having the game read by a few friends for feedback and and additional grammar/proofreading checks. But the images are in. The programming complete. The release trailer slated to debut on Nov 2nd. It's been a long but worthwhile journey and I hope An Everyday Love touches your lives like it has mine. Here's what I completed this month:

✍🏼 Writing

  • Finished all bonus stories and re-read for proofreading/story flow.
  • Implemented feedback from sensitivity readers (very positive stuff and I'm super pleased :) ) and sent out to beta readers.
  • Final review of bonus content and walkthrough guide 

🎨 Art

  • Finished CGs
  • Added bonus art for intimate scenes
  • Drew/updated some marketing images
  • Updated main menu

💻  Coding 

  • Fixed some general coding bugs across screens and script

🤔 Other

  • Spoke to some other devs for advice
  • Cast VAs for release trailer and edited video for Nov 2nd release
  • Made some tiktoks
  • Reached over 1,000 downloads!
  • I'm most active on  Twitter , so check there for my most recent updates.  (Thank for you for helping me reach 300 followers!!!!)

Well, this is it. Thank you for supporting me throughout the years. I'll see you Nov. 9th for the full release of An Everyday Love on Mac/PC.

❤️Thank you - for everything ❤️

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AHHHHH so excited for the trailer & game 🥰 thanks for sharing this journey with us!!





Congrats <3