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An Everyday Love is a slice-of-life, contemporary otome in which players can customize their protagonist, romance, and friendship, figuring out what it takes to find (and keep) an everyday love.

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Being young is the best - you’re full of energy, relentlessly optimistic, and can take on as many risks as you want . . .  is a saying that has never applied to you. No, you’re tired and just trying to make it through each day. 

As a 24-year-old marketing assistant living in the city, day-to-day life is difficult enough, and you’ve had to put your dream of writing a novel on the wayside. After your boss asks you to complete a new assignment at work, you unwittingly begin a new chapter in your life, allowing you to pursue romance, strengthen your friendships, and take a leap to fulfill your dream. 

The choices you make will determine your success. No matter how much you may have struggled in the past, maybe an everyday love is still possible for you . . .         


                                                                    - text version-

Logan Williamson: The polite but mysterious senior manager who’s widely admired by his colleagues . . . even as they simultaneously gossip about how his uncle, the CEO, may have given him the role. His reserved demeanor belies a perceptive eye that can intuit the emotions of those around him . . . including you.

Ezra Hale: The serious analyst who’s known for being direct and meticulous. He previously worked for a larger company and left without an explanation, his private life unknown to his co-workers. Still, he’s not unkind and seems to respect your work ethic.

Adrian Reyes: The upbeat and easily flustered personal trainer. Despite his easy-going nature, he doesn’t appreciate being condescended to and values your willingness to accept him and his eccentricities.

  • ~2-3 hours of content
  • Customizable character selection
  • 3 CGs
  • First chapter of each route
  • New GUI/interface
  • No spicy content, but plenty of teasing

Wordcount ~220,000 words (estimated ~5 hours gameplay for each full route)

CGs - Six special images per character (viewable through image gallery)

Customizable MC - Rename the main character and select her skin color and body type (3 skin tones, 2 hairstyles, and 2 body types). This character will appear in special CGs.

Choice Variation - Make choices that customize, advance, or deter romance and/or friendship

Endings - A best ending, worst ending, and two neutral endings per character

Bonus Stories - Two bonus stories for each love interest, unlocked through completing the best and worst endings for their respective routes.

Optional Spicy content  (no graphic images, only written descriptions and not in the demo) -  Players can decide if they want a sweet or spicy romance without impacting the good/bad ending outcome. Consent is emphasized multiple times, allowing players to change their mind at multiple points, all with their own fluffy alternatives! In the main game, there are a bunch of inappropriate jokes and a couple of gags, so an older audience (18+)  is still preferred regardless of whether or not the spicy content is explored.

Free Walkthrough

Optional Bonus Content Pamphlet - for a $5 donation, receive a 32-page pamphlet with behind the scenes insight from the developer, a fun quiz, letters from the LIs, bonus art, song lyrics and more!

TW (spoilers): Medical trauma, death, workplace abuse, biphobia, family abandonment, workplace racism,  car accident injury


  • If you come across any issues in downloading the game or find grammar issues, feel free to submit these issues via google form here.
  • Further updates will be viewed on the Dev Blog,  Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Nov 09, 2022
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(63 total ratings)
AuthorHollow Rose Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Comedy, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Meaningful Choices, Otome, Romance, Slice Of Life, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilitySubtitles, Blind friendly
LinksTwitter, Blog


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I freaking love this game. I like how all the characters seem a certain way at first glance but once you learn more facets of their personality they are more complicated than that. As someone with a chronic illness I also love the chronic illness rep and it felt really relatable and hit me hard in some places.


I saw this year ago ans I enjoyed it



First all, I totally appreciate the option between sweet and spicy, that's incredible! I think of all the routes, I liked Adrian's the most but that's because I have a soft spot for himbos LOL But all the LIs are incredible and I loved them all! Overall, the routes definitely mirrored my experience in my 20s in starting off in a corporate setting in a big city-- the writing felt incredibly genuine and the relationships were authentic. I loved how the MC had her weaknesses but in the end understood that did not make her incapable of being loved. <3 Super heartwarming!! ALSO SPOILER BELOW:


I learned a lot about chronic illness in this game that I wasn't even aware of! I feel that I have a bit better of an understanding in what people with chronic illness may deal with after playing.


Thank you for making this game! I look forward to your future work!


Hello! Hope you're ready for an essay, because do I have one!

The writing for this was specifically different than most otome games I've played--perhaps since this one has a protagonist that is written as a working adult going through every day life. I'm trying to think of ways to best describe it--so, my first path I chose Ezra, and to avoid spoilers, the interactions and dialogue for the best route were very realistic, and the whole romance options (the fact that there are options to not do sexual encounters is something I am totally all for!) and relationship growth felt unrushed, natural. Even the business side of things, like the office environment and even the conversations happening inside it felt exactly like a real-life office would.

A lot of the storyline aligned a lot with my own personal experiences in relationships as someone who grew into a love in my mid-late 20s, and I appreciate that! Also, what an encouraging, steadfast guy! Just--holy shit, that there is a person I'm so glad exists somewhere, even if it's in a game.

I haven't played the other routes yet, though I'm certain I'll find the time to do so. Thank you so much for your hard work!


i don't even have words to describe this game, this wrecked me and earned a very special place in my heart. i know i'll come back to it a lot. thank you so much.


i love game


Just finished the game! :D

Some thoughts:

  • I love the theme that even people who feel unlovable, feel like “too much work,” absolutely can find a comforting everyday love. I also just love the idea of “everyday love” in general: love that improves both your days just by being there for each another (not a magical or full fix, but a meaningful, real improvement). And you definitely show how both romance and friendship can provide different types of everyday love!
  • Big thumbs up for the multiple sweet/spicy options as well as the character customization
  • Loved how realistic and different all the LIs felt, and how they had their own storylines and struggles
  • Loved that our MC was truly the star of the story - what a great character. <3
  • Your intermission stories about the MC’s backstory and thoughts on her current situation (fairy tale, horror, ocean, etc) have utterly convinced me of your ability to tell a fantastic fantasy or scifi tale if you’re ever in the mood. ;)
  • Side character silhouettes are adorable! And impressive how even minor side characters came across as engaging, interesting characters

Okay, I’ll stop there - suffice to say I really enjoyed this VN! It kept me thinking after I finished, in a good way. :D There were a handful of minor typos I noticed, but nothing that detracted from the story. I look forward to seeing what you make in the future and expect I’ll be playing/buying most of it. :D

(5 edits) (+4)

All right. I'm just gonna update this comment as I go, BUT THANK YOU FOR THE CUSTOMIZATION. This is the first time in any otome game where I've been able to play as both a plus size person and someone that has curly hair. The wash day, the chair pillow... THIS IS LITERALLY PERFECT, I didn't think there'd be any flavor text, BUT THERE ACTUALLY IS, and I'm so grateful that you decided to add this. :') I'm not anywhere near this part, but also thank you for adding some spicy content :'3  As a side note, I think this game will probably help me with feeling self-conscious about my body, just gotta channel that MC energy XD

Okay, okay. OKAAYAAYAYYYYYY. I just got to the first horni part in Logan's route (I expected to like him,  but not love him. Actually, all of the 3 love interests are right up my valley ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) and HOLY SHIT my body is positively buzzing. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD WRITING!

About MC's anxiety: I can relate hard, it's like you pulled out all of these feelings and was able to perfectly capture them, aaaah.






AMAZING I LOVE THE WRITING SO MUCH AHHHHH. seriously time freaking flew while i read, everything gave me butterflies, and all the scenes were very sweet. i'm not finish with my first playthrough yet, but if all the routes are this high of quality (i'm currently on logan's <3) i'm DEFINITELY playing this game again and again.


JUST FINISHED LOGANS ROUTE AHHHHHHHH!!! um??? amara is the bestest friend ever, logan is so sweet and understanding, and i love the mc's characterization!!

Hello! When I click ignore it takes me straight to the main menu, I'm wondering if that is just where the scene ends? This happens near the end of Ezra's epilogue. I have been enjoying this game so much, thank you for making it!

(1 edit)

Got it; I've updated the files so you shouldn't run into this issue again! If you saved right before the end of the epilogue you can pick up right where you left off (in the new download). Feel free to let me know if you come across any further issues here!


I love this game so far! Adrian was my favorite U.U

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ok ok so i HAD to come here, rate and comment because i REALLY apreciated this demo.

you know, i was a bit unsure if i would play it or not (i usually don't like demos because if i like them i become a little anxious for final release) but i saw shibalist complimenting it on twitter and thought "why not?"

well, it was one of the best decisions I made today.

i loved the story - i identified with the MC WAY MORE THAN I WAS EXPECTING - loved the characters (i love ezra and adrien and LOGAN IS JUST MY TYPE I MEAN--) and I LOVE YOUR ARTSTYLE!!!!!!

i made a gigantic thread on twitter of my reactions and well, you can read it if you want:  https://twitter.com/lenlen403/status/1494078313769443329



This is so cute so far.  I'll be following this for sure.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thanks so much for your support! 🥰


omg I love the art! The bg and the sprites work so well together. It's cute but also interesting.

Oh, let me point that the MC’s appearance option is so clever! I loved that we were shown this option the moment she looks in the mirror. I wasn't expecting it, but I enjoyed it so much.

It's a nice game and really makes me feel good watching her everyday. It doesn’t feel heavy for being a routine, it’s actually interesting to see how she deal with it and her life. 

Also the LIs!!! Usually I'd go for the Adrien because his  type is so wholesome omggg, but this time mr.Logan called my attention more👀👀 I'll be waiting for the full version.


Ahhh, I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo! 🥰 Thank you for your kind comments (and I look forward to releasing the full game - hopefully both Logan and Adrian will continue to impress you)!


I like this one!  I covered it in the first part of my Otome Jam reviews, starting at 5:15.  Thanks for making it, looking forward to more!

Wow! ❤️ Thanks for reviewing my game! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  


I found this to be really chilled out and relaxing to play through the demo :3 I'm honestly not sure which guy I would pick first in the full version, haha.

I love the sound of the ideas you have for the NSFW content! I'm planning to do something similar with one of my current main projects (having it there, but with fluffy alternatives :D) Keep up the awesome work! Good luck with creating the full version :3

(2 edits) (+3)

Thank you! I'm glad the demo was relaxing and I'm excited to see which guy ends up being the most popular when the full game releases, haha. I'm also glad the angle I took with the NSFW content appeals to you (and that you're implementing it within your own game too!). I wanted there to be options for all types of players. ✨


I absolutely loved the demo! Your dialogue is on point and the MC is super relatable. Looking forward to the full game!


Thank you so much! 🥰