July 2022 Update

✨Hi, everyone! ✨

Absolutely wild how I've got over a year of devblog updates. I'm happy to say I've made continued progress in the game, though being sick has delayed me somewhat (nothing serious, thankfully). We've nearly hit 900 downloads and have celebrated such on twitter. I'm starting to run out of ideas of what to post on there that won't spoil anything,^^;.  Current progress  stands at:

✍🏼 Writing

  • Some more polishing of the bonus content booklet (I still have much more to write though)
  • 1st revision of walkthrough booklet complete
  • Wrote 2/6 bonus stories

🎨 Art

  • Drew 4 CGs!!!!!
  • While I may not have hit my writing goal for last month, I did a LOT of art, which I'm happy with.

💻  Coding 

  • QA some quick menu issues with the bonus stories so it's all good now!!! :)
  • Finalized  (at least, as far as I know . . . 👀) achievements for each route

🤔 Other

  • I made a tiktok!!!! Woooo! Now I just have to do more of them on a consistent schedule lol
  • I also now need to work on my social media presence in general lol
  • I'm most active on  Twitter , so check there for my most recent updates. :)

Considering the fact that I've had to attend some family outings and most recently became sick (again, not related so no worries), I'm really happy with how the game is shaping up. My art progress definitely makes up for the writing stasis, and this will  be a boon in the future. Since August and September are "ALL SYSTEMS GO" months, I'm going to hold off on any specific task deadlines and just do the best I can depending on my health. For now, I have a soft estimate of 2 more bonus stories and 2 CGs complete for next month. Hopefully my marketing will accelerate, especially in these crucial last few months. I tend to keep to myself and hibernate with projects and I just gotta kick myself outta that.

❤️Anyhow - thanks for reading! ❤️

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Congratulations on 800+ downloads, here's to even more before long!!! <3 The completionist in me is very excited to hear about achievements in particular.

I'm glad to hear you're taking care of yourself, and looking forward to seeing more whenever you're ready~

nice to see your progress! <3

excited for the game!! :DD