December 2021 Update

✨Hi, everyone! ✨

In all honesty, it's been my toughest month yet. My health took its greatest dive and I'm sorry to say it delayed my progress significantly. Though I still completed quite a bit of work, I'm now more convinced than ever that I'll probably have to delay the game to an autumn release. In any case, I'm excited to make An Everyday Love the best it can be, and hopefully the wait won't be too long. Current status stands at:

✍🏼 Writing

  • Logan's path - 6/6 chapters written and coded 
    • Edited a few scenes and added some extra dialogue
  • Adrian's path - 6/6 chapters written and coded 
    • Made a few notes for future revisions
  • Ezra's path - 3.3/6 chapters written and chapter five has a detailed outline
    • I was temporarily unable to look at screens (computers, phones, TV, etc.) for a few weeks, so I spent a lot of time physically sketching and outlining. Though it does mean I'm further behind in writing than I'd hoped, the rest of Ezra's story will be straightforward to script, as I'm ahead of progress in outlining.
  • Technically not writing, but I did a lot of general brainstorming of overarching themes, mechanics, and dialogue, which I found to be really helpful.
  • Started developing the walkthrough and extra content guide books.

🎨 Art

  • Polished some sprite emotions
  • Continued polishing my GUI features 
  • Drew more background characters
  • Added animation to the main menu 
  • Finished drawing a non-love interest related CG
  • Drew chapter cards to divide story sections

💻  Coding

  • Added some cute little name barriers (if you try to name the MC the same name as the LIs or Amara,  the game blocks it)
  • Added more SFX
  • Figured out the zoom function (somewhat)
  • Made a more user-friendly customization system
  • Tested out some small animations
    • Not sure if I'll end up using them. I'd like to wait until the base is done to see how I feel.
  • Tested and polished screen shake and flashing light/darkness toggles
  • Polished off some font size inconsistency across the different font options
  • Tried to figure out how to add a phone messaging system through various guides and failed miserably (╥﹏╥)

🤔 Other

  • Made a little theme song jingle to go along with chapter cards
    • It's a PC with a detachable touchscreen which means not only will I be able to draw my CGs directly onto its screen . . . I can also test my game on both Mac and PC computer systems! Hopefully this means that if anyone has any bugs in the future, I'll be able to tackle 'em easily!
  • I'm continuing to update my social media (check out my Twitter to see more character Q&As and sneak peek screenshots)!

I'd hoped to get Ezra's first draft done by the end of the year, but now I'm aiming to have chapter five written and complete (which isn't so terribly off).  Looking forward to sharing more soon!

❤️Thanks for reading! ❤️

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That still sounds like a lot of progress to me! :P

I hope your health improves soon and that you take care of yourself. We fans of the game can be patient and wait - your health matters more!


Team new laptop, ayyeeee!!! And omg! Health >>> the other things (a lesson I'm still learning too lol). Amazing progress and I'm so excited for everything you've gotten done and the cool things you have left to do 💛