November 2021 Update

✨Hi, everyone! ✨

Time for my next update.  Health improvement eludes me, but being able to work on An Everyday Love has given me a lot of strength and joy.  Though I'm a bit behind on my personal schedule, I've still reached my monthly goals and I'm hopeful for future progress. Current status stands at:


  • Logan's path - 6/6 chapters written and coded 
    • Implemented a few small grammar corrections
  • Adrian's path - 6/6 chapters written and coded 
    • Began brainstorming scenes to revise
  • Ezra's path - 2/6 chapters written and one with a detailed outline
    • Though the word count is a bit shorter than desired, I'm really liking how his story is developing. Also, his third chapter is going to be THICK, so I'm not too worried, haha.


  • Drew even more sprite emotions
  • Continued polishing my GUI features 
  • Drew my final BG!!!! 🎉
  • Drew more background characters
  • Created new character profile cards for the page
    • I'd love to add more gifs/images for the home page, but I also want to be mindful of those who use self-voicing when browsing games (and can't pick up on text on images). Right now I have a bit of a mix of captions/gifs, but I'm worried the page might look too busy if I continue to do that.  Any advice on this would be great.
  • Added social media links to the main menu :) 
  • Drew some images for social media
  • Began drawing a non-love interest related CG


  • Converted .mp3 and .wav files to .ogg format
    • Despite all the content I've added, I'm happy to say the file size isn't very large (quite comparable to the current demo in fact!). Hoping to keep it that way, but we'll see how CG development goes . . .
  • Added more SFX
  • Coded in text outlines and preferences for text size and line spacing for readability.
  • Added Hyperlegible as a third font option
  • Options for toggling off screen shake and flashing light/darkness
  • Coded in the base for the credits sequence along with an option to skip the credits


    • Created a new animated gif thumbnail
    • I'm continuing to update my social media (check out my Twitter to see more character Q&As and sneak peek screenshots)!

    I'm anticipating for the next two chapters to be lengthy,  so by next month I'm aiming to have 1.5  chapters written and coded for Ezra and some general art updates. 

    ❤️Thanks for reading! ❤️

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    The animated gif thumbnails are so wonderful 😭😭😭 I love that the title header has some spunk to it now -- it'd be awesome if you posted a tutorial/overview of how you do the little sparkles and such!

    I'd love to add more gifs/images for the home page, but I also want to be mindful of those who use self-voicing when browsing games (and can't pick up on text on images).

    As for this -- some pages I'm interested in emulating are Arcadia Fallen and Experiment: Isolation; maybe they will inspire you as well :)

    You've made such exciting and enormous progress, thank you for the update <3


    Oooh! Thanks for the recs! For the sparkles, I just copied and pasted the premade animations in Canva onto my still images (and exported as gifs). The animations are available in Canva's Instagram and Powerpoint template slides, but they can be isolated when copied/pasted. 


    Excited by your progress and wishing you happier health days!


    Thank you for being so sweet and encouraging! 🥰 As a solo dev, these types of comments really make my day.