October 2021 Update

✨Hi, everyone! ✨

Time for my next update. I haven't been in my best health this past month, but I've still managed to get a lot done, so I'm satisfied with my progress. Current progress stands at:


  • Logan's path - 6/6 chapters written and coded 
    • Implemented a few small revisions
  • Adrian's path - 6/6 chapters written and coded 🎉
    • This man is too cute and I'm kind of heartbroken that I'm done with his route (I legit teared up at his good ending) . . . but I'm also super excited for Ezra . . .
  • Ezra's path - 1/6 chapters with a detailed outline
    • Currently working on his second chapter's loose outline so I can start writing this weekend! :) 


  • Drew some backstory images and sprite emotions
  • Started polishing my GUI features like the textbox, namebox, Image Gallery, and various menu screens
  • Polished some older BGs
  • Added a hair customization option for the main character (future me is gonna hate present me for this)
  • Added some animation to the main menu :) 


  • Coded a fun bonus feature in Adrian's route
  • Made a tentative schedule for the rest of the year
  • I'm continuing to update my social media (check out my Twitter to see more character Q&As and sneak peek screenshots)!
    • I hit 100 followers on Twitter! 🎉🎉🎉

I'm hoping by next month I'll have 2  chapters written and coded for Ezra and some general art updates (more backstory, BG, and character-related).  I may also begin revisions on Logan simply because I can't help myself . . .

❤️Thanks for reading! ❤️

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This game looks really cute, and you're a great writer! I'm hesitant to offer this feedback, especially on a route you've finished writing, but in the early game scene where Adrian was giving the main character a free 10 minute session, I was really uncomfortable with the flirting. I think it's intended to show he's a guy who is cute to tease? But I just feel really bad about teasing -- especially sexually-toned -- somebody who is doing their job. It's the same kind of way I feel when I see someone hitting on a barista.


Thank you for the feedback! I finish all drafts with the intention of revising them  (and will hopefully find beta readers to find moments like these), so knowing this is really helpful. I'll revise Adrian's introductory scene with your comments in mind! 


Hope your health improves and excited by all this writing progress! :D


Thank you! 🥰 I'm really enjoying writing these characters and can't wait to show more dialogue snippets!

Yessss :) :) Thank you for the update, looking forward to the next one! ❤️ I am peeking over your shoulder in spirit while you write Ezra's route,I miss him


Thank you for reading! 😭 I'm excited to share more updates on his route development. Hopefully, I'll have a lot to talk about in my next devblog. 😄