First Week Reflection

✨Hi, everyone! ✨

I briefly wanted to thank everyone who viewed and downloaded/added my demo! In one week I've reached nearly 50 downloads and that just makes my indie dev heart glow. Considering that I began marketing my studio and  An Everyday Love nearly a week before release, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. The feedback has been so kind and encouraging and I'm excited to share more in the future!

As for where I stand now (progress-wise) . . . 

Logan's route (writing and basic coding) has been completed 

Adrian's route has 1/5 chapters written and coded 

Ezra's route has 1/5 chapters with detailed outline

Once the writing and basic coding is complete, I'll finish the remaining backgrounds and move onto CGs and bonus stories.

Though I started a new job the same week Otome Jam ended, I've been able to complete a surprising amount of work in my free time, so I still feel confident in my Spring 2022 release date.  I'll aim to add another update in about a month or so . . . so feel free to comment any questions, requests, etc. in the meantime.

❤️Thanks again! ❤️

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Hooray!  I'm looking forward to more of this game.  & congrats on the new job!